Skyline Helicopter Tours is an insured, veteran-owned, Nevada based business providing professional aerial photography. When handling your Las Vegas photoshoot it is our goal to provide creative and inspiring aerial photography in a safe, respectful and professional manner, one positive client experience at a time. The rich detail, beautiful lighting and precise composition of our aerial images make Skyline Helicopter Tours highly sought after by ad agencies, architects, publishers, and corporate design firms of Las Vegas.

The difference is in the experience of our helicopter pilots. Our pilots truly know how to fly for the camera. Helicopters allow us to explore a unique perspective that would be otherwise impossible from the ground, drone or airplane.

Safety is our number-one priority. We comply with all FAA regulations (including 91.13) as specified by the National Transportation Safety Board. We conduct a 30-point pre-flight inspection of our aerial vehicles before every flight. Skyline Helicopter Tours take great pride in being ambassadors of this emerging capability and understand that any misuse (or mistake) can endanger public safety. That’s why we practice industry-leading steps to minimize risk and are extremely proud of our perfect safety record.

When it comes to residential photography, aerial photoshoots are NOT just for million-dollar properties anymore. Whether you are buying a new home or building an addition, aerial photographs are a great way to document your progress or display before and after shots. We also deliver residential aerials to real estate companies/agents to use on MLS listings. Studies have proven, MLS listings that have aerial photographs increase web activity and conversion rates to the MLS listing. When it comes to commercial photography, we offer it all. Contact us now to book your next flight!!! Contact us

Aerial Photoshoot Las Vegas

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