Doors Off – $40

Why limit your experience? We are the only helicopter tour company in Las Vegas to offer “Doors off” option with all of our tours! For only $40 more you can tour Red Rock Canyon and/or the Las Vegas Strip with no doors. This option is especially enticing when it comes to taking pictures or shooting video. Passengers increase their range of vision by roughly 50% when choosing to take a tour with the helicopter doors removed as opposed to attached. This tour option allows you to get 50% more from your helicopter ride for a small additional fee.

Souvenir Photos – $20

We know you’ll never forget the time you spend with friends and loved ones while flying with us over Las Vegas.  But, we also know our eyes can only see so much and our minds, only remember so much.  As time goes on, our memory is sure to get hazy.  Moments are fleeting, time passes quickly and landscapes are constantly changing.  Allow us the pleasure to help capture these moments in hopes you’ll remember this day forever.  We offer souvenir photos for $20 or 2 for $30!

Anthony Cools Show Tickets – $30

Anthony Cools doesn’t have the longest running headlining hypnotist show in Las Vegas for nothing.  Add this option to your tour and make a day of it.  Find out why Playboy Magazine dubbed him the “world’s rudest hypnotist.” If you’re up for a little mischief and shenanigans we highly recommend seeing Anthony Cools at The Paris Resort.  Tickets are typically sold for $50.  But, because Anthony is a long time friend and customer of Skyline Helicopter Tours.  He allows us the privilege of selling tickets to his show at a lower rate than anyone else.