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[dt_sc_dropcap type=”Square” bgcolor=”#087dc2″ textcolor=”#ffffff”]L[/dt_sc_dropcap] earn to fly helicopters with the #1 Helicopter Flight Training School in Las Vegas. We’re #1 in Private Pilot Certification, and Commercial Pilot Certification.

Skyline Helicopter Tours was created to offer a new and better alternative for helicopter flight training, where the individual is the center of our business. We take great pride in training quality pilots. We believe that the pilots we train will improve the helicopter industry, and make it a safer and better way of life. That is why our CFIs have thousands of flight hours where other local flight schools have CFIs with limited flight hours.

Skyline Helicopter Tours is the only Helicopter flight school in Las Vegas that specializes in helicopters ONLY. Do you really want to attend a helicopter flight school that teaches airplane flying? Do not waste your time learning about airplanes when all you really want is to learn an integral part of helicopter flying.

We believe that the only way to learn how to fly is to actually fly the helicopter yourself. So, beginning on day one you will take the controls of the helicopter, no other flight school in Las Vegas will give you the opportunity to fly the helicopter yourself.

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[dt_sc_h2]LEARN TO FLY[/dt_sc_h2]Your time is valuable, don’t waste it. Learn to fly with the number one helicopter flight school in Las Vegas. Our mission is to help you succeed and live your dream of becoming a helicopter pilot. We personalize and customize flight training to each student’s schedule and pace of learning with flexible hours and you may enroll at any time. Skyline Helicopter Tours operates at the highest standards. We own a fleet of helicopters which are meticulously maintained by our own certified mechanics. Not only does that make our aircraft very safe, but it allows us to offer very competitive rates for helicopter flight training Las Vegas. Fly from the North Las Vegas Airport where you will gain experience flying in busy airspace and in varied weather conditions. Skyline Helicopter Tours takes great pride in training pilots to be competent, safe and confident to fly anywhere![/dt_sc_two_third][dt_sc_one_half first type =” type1″]

If you’re unsure of what license/certificate you need, we suggest joining one of our experienced pilots for a discovery flight. Our discovery flights consist of 30 minutes on the ground and 30 minutes of flight hours for a total of $275. This is considered the first step into the exciting world of aviation. Whether you’re just curious about what it’s like to fly a helicopter, or you have the goal of a lifelong aviation career. A discovery flight with Skyline Helicopter Tours is the perfect way to introduce you to all the thrills of being a helicopter pilot.

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[dt_sc_tab title=”Private Pilot Certificate”]

  • 40 Hrs. dual flight instruction
  • 90 Hrs. Solo flight time
  • Unlimited Ground Instruction
  • Books & Educational Materials

The Private Pilot Program is intended for people who may be learning to fly as a hobby, personal business or who are planning to purchase their own aircraft. With your Private Pilot License, you are allowed to take family, friends and co-workers on board your aircraft or the aircraft you are renting while acting as Pilot in Command. The only restriction to acting as a Private Pilot is you are not allowed by the FAA to be compensated for your skills. You must Carry a Commercial Rating for compensation for hire.
[dt_sc_tab title=”Commercial Pilot Certificate”]

  • 30 Hrs. Dual R22 Flight Instruction
  • 30 Hrs. Solo Aircraft Rental
  • Unlimited Ground Instruction
  • Books & Educational Materials

The Commercial Pilot Program is the helicopter pilots who wish to continue their flight training to gain increased proficiency or to become a professional Helicopter Pilot or Certificated Flight Instructor.
[dt_sc_tab title=”Certified Flight Instructor Certificate”]

  • 10 Hrs. Dual R22 Flight Instruction
  • Unlimited Ground Instruction
  • Books & Educational Materials

This program is designed for a student who holds a Commercial Pilot Certificate with a helicopter rating. During this course, the student will acquire the skills and knowledge required to successfully complete the Certified Flight Instructor practical test administered by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). A student with a Flight Instructor Certificate is eligible for employment as a helicopter flight instructor, the most common entry-level position in the helicopter industry.
[dt_sc_tab title=”Additional Cost”]

  • FAA Medical: $110
  • Written Exam: $150 each
  • Examiner Fee: $400-600 each