Why Fly The Red Rock Canyon?

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Sport climbers scale the walls of Calico Hills and Sandstone Quarry, while traditional climbers can be found attached to walls like the Brass Wall and Necromancer Wall. Hikers are seen trailing the Moenkopi Loop or Keystone Thrust. Many have felt the call of the canyon’s majestic roar, and many have returned to the canyon because of the surreal beauty you’ll find within its many walls and trails.

Only few have truly experienced all that the canyon has to offer to the eyes of adventurous travelers. Get the entire experience and bear witness to the painted Aztec sandstone of orange and red in a 30 minute flight brought to you by Skyline Helicopter Tours.

Red Rock Canyon

Next to the stellar views of a helicopter flight, you may customize the experience to your liking. If you’re not trying to share seats with another group, we’ve got you covered with private flights starting at $35.00 a group.

If you’re into exhilaration and adventure, you might be more inclined to fly without the doors on the helicopter! That’s right, Skyline Helicopter Tours is the only helicopter company in Las Vegas, as of #2020, to provide the experience of a lifetime by providing Here.

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