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If you’re looking to design your own helicopter adventure, then we have the perfect solution. We will work together with you to create a custom helicopter tour experience for you!

You will be able to consult with our expert pilots and staff members on the specific sites that you want to see. We will provide the best solutions and create the ideal package around your points of interest. The rate for this package is charged per-hour and we will pack in as many of your desired sights as possible into each hour paid.

Our Doors Off Option Offers The Most Amazing View Imaginable!

We will remove all 4 doors from the helicopter! This allows for a completely unobstructed view. You are secured by safety belts and our highly experienced loading staff. Doors off is the best way to experience the unforgettable sights of Las Vegas and Nevada. Have questions? Give us a call! 702-382-8687! 

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