[dt_sc_one_half first type =” type1″]Along with the film and television industry, commercial real estate and other professionals use Skyline Helicopter Tours to shoot land images from the sky!  Surveying land from several thousand feet helps city planners with future growth decisions regarding land use, traffic and easements.  For entrepreneurial land investors, images from the sky help map out potential growth opportunities for land assemblage and investments!

A survey map accurately depicts the land your property sits on.  Regardless of your needs, having your land surveyed can be extremely valuable.  Whether it’s your home, business, or improvements to either, having pictures to show will help in any situation.

You may need your Las Vegas property surveyed if you’re planning to sell.  In order to build buyer confidence, verify the size, or avoid later legal disputes from an inadequate or inaccurate property description many buyers will request you provide an up-to-date survey of your home or business.[/dt_sc_one_half]
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Are you considering buying a new home or business in Las Vegas.  It’s essential that you know the boundaries of your land before purchasing.  A survey map made by us can help illustrate exactly what it is you’re buying.  Obtaining a survey of the land may be the most important thing you do before making a large purchase. Allow Skyline Helicopter Tours to handle the research, survey the property and put together a survey map revealing: if others have the right to use your property for utilities, whether or not the legal description the seller is offering correctly describes the property, when and where they’ve made improvements such as fences, driveways, swimming pools, etc. You should hire a land surveyor if you’re considering adding on (new construction) to your house.  Before you build, contact Skyline Helicopter Tours to determine your property boundaries.  By working with a contractor and municipality we’ll ensure that your improvements are constructed in the correct location.  This will help you avoid any future conflicts regarding improperly placed improvements.

Are you in the process of refinancing or obtaining a mortgage?  To protect their investment and be sure that the land and buildings correspond with the title documents, a lender will typically require a current survey before approving a loan.

Let the professionals at Skyline Helicopter Tours help you capture images that you need for your real estate and land surveying businesses.  Call the office at 702.382.8687.