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Looking to book a Las Vegas Helicopter Tour? Skyline offers only the best for our customers. The Red Rock Canyon tour is sure to excite any Vegas local or tourist looking for things to do in Las Vegas. On this tour, passengers will get a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the Red Rock Canyon from up high. These breathtaking views will leave you absolutely speechless as you view these naturally formed rock formation, taking millions of years to create and sculpt the masterpiece.

Interesting Features to Look For On Your Red Rock Canyon Tour

Red Rock Canyon has several noteworthy features that are worth knowing before taking a tour. Below are some of the most common features that you’ll be able to see from up above:

Aztec Sandstone:

These formations are over 180 million years old and stand 1000 feet high having been made through the lithification of sand dunes formed in the enormous desert.


Red Rock Canyon was at the bottom of an ocean basin over 500 million years ago. Limestone has formed as a result of the dead sea life that flourished during the time. You can identify limestone from its yellowish tint as opposed to the firey red rocks of the Red Rock Canyon.

Red Rock:

The deep crimson red of the red rock canyon is due to the presence of iron oxide or hematite. This is the byproduct of iron being exposed to the elements causing it to rust turning the rocks all shades of red, orange, and brown leaving us with what we see now.



As always with every helicopter tour, we offer a special doors-off option for all clients who really want to immerse themselves in the nature and majesty of the canyon. Our highly experienced loading staff will secure you by seatbelt before taking off. Doors off is the best way to experience the unforgettable sights of Red Rock Canyon and is perfect for the avid photographer because without the doors there is no barrier between you and the subject. 


Doors Off Helicopter Tour Las Vegas


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