Things To Do in Las Vegas for First Timers

Tips and Recommendations for Things To Do In Las Vegas

So you’re planning a trip and looking for things to do in Las Vegas? You’ll definitely need some amazing recommendations on things to do while you’re here. Well, look no further because Skyline Helicopter Tours has you covered. Follow this handy guide when making your plans and you will surely have an unforgettable (and cheaper) trip.

Picture of Las Vegas Strip. Showcasing to tourists all of the Things to do in Las Vegas including casinos, find dining, and gambling.

Overpaying for Experiences and Show Tickets

It’s incredibly easy to overpay for shows on the strip, and most box offices are banking on the fact that you will walk up and buy a ticket directly. However, alternatives like the website allows you to bundle dinner and a show ticket saving a ton of money. There is also the easily accessible Tix4Tonight booths located all over the strip. Skyline Helicopter Tours prides itself on not only being the safest but the cheapest option for tours across the valley. Don’t confuse cheap with a lower quality experience either, just let our reviews on Yelp and Tripadvisor speak for themselves.

Not Renting a Car

While the appeal of Uber is completely understandable, and the stress of driving in a new city seems daunting at first — Las Vegas is actually a pretty navigatable city and our rental prices are cheap! Not to mention the complete sham it would be to never travel off the strip to see all of what Vegas has to offer. With prices as low as $10 a day for a car you really can’t go wrong!

Buying Drinks at the Casino Bar

One of the most common mistakes is overpaying for drinks because it’s easy to turn to the most accessible option – the casino bar at the casino you are staying at. Instead, there are a couple of different alternatives that will save you almost double the money.  The first is the easy one, while gambling patrons are offered free drinks as long as they are putting money into machines. This is helpful because you can kill two birds with one stone and have fun while getting tipsy for free (just be sure to tip your waitress.) The second option is to look for Happy Hours along the strip. Happy Hours are always happening at any hour and you are guaranteed to have one happening nearby.

Spending All of Your Time on the Strip

You would be doing yourself a complete disservice while looking for things to do in Las Vegas if you limited it to Strip only activities. There is so much to do outside of the strip like Red Rock Canyon, Freemont Street Experience, Death Valley, and Black Canyon. Skyline Helicopter Tours offer helicopter tour experiences at a price that can’t be beaten. Take a look at our list of offered tours by clicking HERE.


We sincerely hope these tips help you have the best experience while looking for things to do in Las Vegas!

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