Why Fly Doors Off With Skyline Helicopter Tours

The only helicopter company to offer Doors Off Helicopter Tours in Las Vegas. Imagine the crystalline view from your Robinson R44 Helicopter as the wind rushes through to leave you with the exhilaration of a REAL helicopter experience. For just an additional $50 USD per flight, you’ll have access to the Doors Off Experience.

You cannot not find a more titillating helicopter flight anywhere else in the valley. Scale the tops of the glistening casino hotels and observe sunbathers on pool decks, performers and showgirls waving as you pass by, zip-liners across the Rio, bungee jumpers from the stratosphere, and so much more from an unobstructed view. Yes, you’ll also have the capability to get some amazing photos of the Raiders Stadium, which is open for 2020!!

Believe us when we say it’s definitely worth booking our Las Vegas Strip Tour with the doors off to experience the most unimaginable view of Las Vegas.

Clear-View Photography

Las Vegas Strip High Resolution Photography Landscape Format

The doors off trip is just the helicopter journey of choice for serious artists. And yet if you’re not the pro artist, let’s be honest — could anything be more heart-pounding than soaring with just the seatbelt separating you from the wide sky?

For shutterbugs, catching pictures from the atmosphere is infinitely more satisfying than sending up the drone and tapping buttons on the device. It’s a whole experience you just can’t get anywhere else. On top of the surreal feel of breathing in the liberating air above it all, we’ll take you just about anywhere!

VIP Strip And Canyon – Doors Off

Looking to get the entire Las Vegas experience in one bundle? Look no further! The VIP Strip and Canyon tour combines the thrill of the Las Vegas Strip with the tranquility of the great outdoors. We’ll take you over the Las Vegas Strip and out to Red Rock Canyon with the doors off for just a fraction of what it would cost to fly both individually. It’s definitely one of the better deals and highly favored tours that we offer.

Red Rock Canyon – Doors Off

If you’re more into the pastel and warm colors of Red Rock Canyon, we’ve got the flight for you. Capture every detail as you ascend above and through the Canyon’s illustrious glow.

Red Rock Canyon overview

Black Grand Canyon – Doors Off

So, you’re into nature photography, and you’ve already done Red Rock? Marvel at the landscape of the Black Canyon, where you’ll find as many plains and as much wildlife at Red Rock, but with the captivating surrealism of much more rivers and valleys. You will fly over the Colorado River towards the Hoover Dam made even more breathtaking with the doors off!

Aerial View of the Hoover Dam from doors off helicopter ride

Valley Of Fire – Doors Off

The igneous formed constructs found in the Valley Of Fire settled just for Skyline Helicopter Tours to provide your eyes with the comforting glow of volcanic sediments. We highly recommend this tour with the doors off, as it is one of those gems in Las Vegas that many do not know about. Be some of the very few to bask in the fiery history of the Valley Of Fire from the air.

Valley Of Fire metamorphic formations doors off view

A Romantic Excursion – Doors Off

Perhaps our most unique flight is the Romantic Sunset Excursion, where you can fly into the canyons of Las Vegas with your significant other to a designated landing spot for a Romantic Picnic in the mountains! Remember to fly doors off for this one, as it’s definitely worth paying that little extra bit to provide the perfect romantic excursion for you and your parter.

Romantic Excursion With The Doors Off

It’s time to experience a real adventure by booing a doors off helicopter flight today. Visit our list of flights Posted in We Recommend

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