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My only complaint is that I wish it lasted longer.

My only complaint is that I wish it lasted longer. This was truly a once in a lifetime experience. The pilot/owner was so nice and funny and we felt so comfortable. The views were amazing! I can’t imagine you’ll be disappointed.

Amanda Lynn , From Google Reviews

An absolutely amazing experience!

An absolutely amazing experience! The staff was fantastic and super friendly. My flight experience was outstanding, it's something I'll never forget! I plan on going on the other tours that they offer, as well. I encourage everyone to go to Skyline Tours for their phenomenal flight around the Las Vegas Strip

Tami k , From Google Reviews

Its my wife and I first helicopter 🚁 ride ever

Its my wife and I first helicopter 🚁 ride ever. Perfect take off. Pilot was very professional. Always answered all of our questions. Picture perfect outside. It was WOW seeing the city. It was my wife's birthday flight of her dreams since a child. This place was as the cleanest ever. The restrooms was very clean. The employees was very friendly and helpful. Couldn't ask for anything more but the best of the best. I recommend this place to anyone who wants to fly in a helicopter over the city. Thank You for an excellent experience in flying.

Ronnie Overbeck , From Google Reviews

My husband and I did a hour-long tour for his 50th

My husband and I did a hour-long tour for his 50th and it was the best present ever. We had an amazing time and we will probably do it next time we come back to Las Vegas. Skyline was amazing and so was the pilot 💜💜💜💜💜

Teri Cantrell , From Google Reviews

Pleased we picked Skyline

We decided to take a tour and are so pleased we picked Skyline. Alex and the rest of the staff took such great care of us. Alex was the best pilot and really did a great job of telling us what to look for. The take off and landing we sooooo smooth that I didn't realize we had even taken off. Flying over the Strip was FANTASTIC!! and the view of the fountains at the Bellagio was even better. We plan to book again soon. Thanks to everyone at Skyline Tours and especially to Alex for outstanding flying and Customer Service. There may be bigger companies but I doubt there are better.

David Ramsay , From Google Reviews

5 stars isn’t enough for this company!

5 stars isn’t enough for this company! I had booked a private helicopter ride for my husband and I over the Vegas strip with doors off weeks in advance of our trip. On the day of our ride, I checked the confirmation email to be sure of time and location and realized I had booked it for the next day, and our flights left the next morning. I panicked, scrambling to call them to cancel with tears in my eyes since we couldn’t make it but instead of canceling our ride they moved it to the same night (when I thought I booked it for) for no extra fees! Once we got there everything was handled perfectly and the entire staff was phenomenal. Even after our helicopter ride was over, the staff went above and beyond and helped us get a ride back to the strip when we were struggling to find an Uber or Lyft.
I legitimately can’t say enough good things about Scott, Toby, and Dean. Highly recommend booking with this company!

Meagan Stevens , From Google Reviews

Took our first helicopter ride with skyline

My husband and I took our first helicopter ride with skyline and loved it! They were very professional, very personable. My husband was afraid to go on a helicopter but the staff and pilot made him feel comfortable. We did the 15-20 min ride over the strip it was a perfect amount of time for the first ride. I would highly recommend skyline and will be going on another tour the next time we are Vegas.

Kellie Redmond , From Google Reviews

Opted for the doorless option

Opted for the doorless option, and it was amazing! Thanks Mike!

Mrs. Standish , Opted for the doorless option


INCREDIBLE. Spent my 30th birthday here and I will never forget it. The staff was SO friendly and helpful for getting me and my friend scheduled, and they picked us up from our hotel on the strip (it was great to not drive ourselves to the little location slightly outside of Vegas). The route was scenic, they provided a little snack for an afternoon brunch, and the pilot was A+. You can purchase a video recorded by the helicopter on the tour....(I recommend wearing a black shirt so your reflection doesn’t show up in your cell phone pictures of the Grand Canyon and the Hoover Dam). I will tell every single person I meet who goes to Vegas to check this out. It will make memories lasting a lifetime! ❤️

Dan Mac , From Google Reviews

These guys were awesome!!

We had a phenomenal time. They were professional and friendly and the view was mind blowing! This should definitely be on your “must do” list for Vegas!!

Jen H , From Google Reviews

Very impressed

Very impressed by this company. The tour is quick, but we were in great hands and had a fun time on the helicopter ride. The pilot was knowledgeable and extremely polite and we were very happy to have made these reservations. They have cell phone cases for sale that can go around your neck so that you can take pictures and videos during the tour, highly recommended!

Jordana Miriam , From Google Reviews

Amazing experience with Skyline

Amazing experience with Skyline, extraordinary customer experience, Scott is so kind and helpful, He found us space in their agenda and we had an amazing night tour over the strip, no overcharges, you pay what you see, no secret extras, that’s something to highlight, all security measures 👌🏼 definitely would go again with them, we arrived by Uber from the strip, wasn’t complicated and is not far the airfield. BTW the optional extra fee for flying with doors off is a must!

Yamil Lasso Ledesma , From Google Reviews

My son and I had an awesome experience with Skyline.

My son and I had an awesome experience with Skyline. Biggest decision was doors on or off. Off definitely is the way to go. Thank you Skyline for a great memory, we will surely recommend you to our friends and family.

Carlos Guerra , From Google Reviews

Night fight was awesome!

Night fight was awesome! We left the doors off which I would recommend. You get to talk to the pilot and see Vegas in a different way

Sara Thompson , From Google Reviews

We had our tour at night over the Las Vegas strip

We had our tour at night over the Las Vegas strip this past weekend. They e-mailed us prior with our scheduled time. We actually got there an hour or so early, and we didn't have to wait at all. When we got checked in and they do temperature checks as well. If you plan on taking pictures, they give you a phone case with a lanyard to wear around your neck so nothing falls out of the helicopter. If you do the door off option, which we did. TOTALLY worth it!
They go over all of the instructions before you get in the helicopter. They are all SO nice and SO professional. Very easy flight, no turbulence what so ever. Such a great experience. I would fly with them again no doubt.

Megan Walden , From Google Reviews

The service was Great!

The pilot was very friendly and professional. It was are first time in a helicopter. It was such a cool experience with an amazing view highly recommend Skyline.

Mike Niles , From Google Reviews


My wife and I took a tour of the Las Vegas strip and had a FANTASTIC TIME!! Our pilot Dean was very professional and knowledgeable about our trip and "the inside man " Scott was very helpful as well!!! A GREAT outing for anyone looking for something to do in Las Vegas!! Thanks guys!!!

Mark Robinson , From Google Reviews


Awesome! Did the "doors off" and wow! What a rush. Can't imagine flying with the doors on. Is quite windy but well worth it! Ground crew and pilot were awesome. Very helpful and informative. Would definitely fly again if I ever get back to Vegas.

Brian Gerber , From Google Reviews

Such an awesome experience!

Such an awesome experience! Good prices that including everything without any hiding fees etc, very friendly and nice personal. Great service and super convenient! Very comfortable lounge with couches and free coffee! Clean restrooms too 😁

Vlad Samolya , From Google Reviews

I had my first flight with Skyline Helicopters!

I had my first flight with Skyline Helicopters! I was freaking out about having the doors off but I’m SO GLAD I opted to keep them off. It was out of this WORLD. I instantly wanted to go a million more times once we landed back at the hanger. This is seriously the best way to experience vegas or any of the other tours!!!

Lizzy Jane , From Google Reviews

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