VIP Canyon And Strip

From: $185.00

Get the full VIP experience when you combine our Red Rock Canyon and Las Vegas Strip Tour! With up to 30 minutes of flight time, you’ll have the chance to enjoy the Red Rock Canyon scenery including Ice Box Canyon and Calico Tanks. After, you will see the spectacular Las Vegas Strip from the skies in this VIP tour. Duration: 30 minutes


Red Rock Canyon and Strip VIP Tour

Why choose when you can have the best of both worlds!? Skyline Helicopter Tours will give you the opportunity to experience both the Red Rock Canyon and the Las Vegas Strip all in one go! It’s time to feel like a real VIP in Las Vegas as you soar over popular flight locations like the Ice Box Canyon and Calico Tanks out in the valley. One of the most important things we like to make sure of is making the most use of your time here in Las Vegas as possible, and so we definitely make sure you’re not flying for what seems like hours on end over some extent of boring rocks and god-awful murky waters – talking about the Grand Canyon by the way… Believe us, we’re used to hearing how some flights out here can drag on and on, and we feel that this is an experience gives you all that you need to to admire Las Vegas from the skies without chewing into your vacation.

We really go out of our way to meet the expectations set to be a 5 – star company. There are very few – if any – 5 star helicopter tours out here that can say the same thing. You’ll definitely get the most from your visit by booking with Skyline Helicopter Tours, guaranteed.