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VIP Red Rock Canyon and Strip

From: $195.00

Get the full VIP experience when you combine our Red Rock Canyon and Las Vegas Strip Tours! With up to 30 minutes of flight time, you’ll enjoy everything that Red Rock Canyon has to offer, including views of Ice Box Canyon and Calico Tanks. We finish off the tour with some views over the glowing Las Vegas Strip! And even better, we can fly the whole tour with the doors off for a truly unique experience!

  • There is a seat limit capacity of 300lbs. per seat/600lbs. total group of 3 capacity.

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Las Vegas VIP Tour

Would you like to experience Las Vegas as a VIP? This extended helicopter tour takes you on a journey over both the colorful beauty known as Red Rock Canyon as well as the world-famous Las Vegas Strip.

Would you like to experience Las Vegas as a VIP? Book a Las Vegas VIP tour and enjoy the best of both Mother Nature and Lady Luck. This helicopter tour is an extended tour of both the spectacular Red Rock Conservation Area and the world-famous Las Vegas Strip. After seeing the beauty of Red Rock Canyon, your helicopter pilot will fly you over the Las Vegas Strip. You will soar by the famed Stratosphere, Bellagio Fountains, New York New York and other iconic Las Vegas landmarks. And, at Skyline, every passenger has a window seat!

Your adventure begins when our helicopter pilot heads toward Red Rock Canyon and flies you by the beautiful Spring Mountains just five miles from the city limits. You’ll see the flat land rising into colorful cliffs formed along the Keystone Thrust. This fault zone has peaks over 8,000 feet composed of orange, pink, red, white and grey sandstone. During this portion of your Las Vegas VIP tour, you will also see Calico Hills, Calico Tanks, Icebox Canyon, La Madre Spring, Lost Creek Canyon, Pine Creek Canyon, Spring Mountain Ranch, and Spring Canyon. And that’s just the first half of this VIP experience! Next, you’ll fly over the Las Vegas Strip, where the streets are always crowded and the lights are always on.


  • Flight over the Red Rock Canyon
  • Flight over the Las Vegas Strip
  • Every seat is a window seat!
  • $20 Airport Fee for every 3 people.


  • Gratuities

Before You Book

  • There is a seat limit capacity of 300lbs. per seat/600lbs. total group of 3 capacity.
  • Please use the calendar to select your preferred date and time window. We will contact you via email after your booking to confirm your set date and time.

Duration: Approx. 30 Minutes (Check-in time is 30 minutes before your reservation)


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