Black Canyon

From: $775.00

Experience the exceptional beauty of Black Canyon which lies just below the Hoover Dam where the canyon walls rise nearly 2,500 feet from the river’s edge. This tour is more breathtaking than the Grand Canyon!

(Min. 2 passengers)


Black Canyon Experience

When comparing this tour to the Grand Canyon, we think there are plenty of reasons why you should book the Black Canyon tour over the Grand Canyon or other Canyon tours. First of all, the scenery through the Black Canyon is much more satisfying than flying over miles of big rocks and muddled water. Second, you get to see lush terrain, beautiful and crystal clear water, and we even take you past the iconic Hoover Dam! Compared to our competitors who offer Grand Canyon tours, you just don’t get the same thing as flying over the Black Canyon in our opinion. The Grand Canyon is great, but believe us when we say we just prefer the Black Canyon.

It’s time to get a real experience worth your while, and you can do just that by booking this hour long tour that makes you wish it would never end. If you’re an enthusiast, however, you can book our Black Canyon Extended Tour Package that offers an additional 30 minutes to your tour.