Romantic Sunset Excursion

From: $775.00

Looking for an unforgettable romantic adventure? Skyline will fly the two of you to our secluded, panoramic plateau to enjoy breathtaking views of the Las Vegas Valley. While enjoying the views, sip a glass of champagne and toast to the wonderful moments shared just by the two of you.

Duration: 60/90/120 Minutes


Romantic Sunset Excursion

Watch the sun dance through your love’s eyes in this magical excursion. Las Vegas has the most beautiful sunsets in the world – hands down. Next to that is the best helicopter agency in the world providing the experience of all experiences. This tour takes you to a secluded location in the canyons of Las Vegas and provides you with a 5 star picnic experience unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. A picnic in the mountains brought to you through the helicopters of Skyline Helicopter Tours. You can choose to stay in the mountains for 30 minutes to an hour before we pick you up, in which you can decide if you’d like to book our 60, 90, or 120 minute excursion.

How can anyone compare when it comes to the unique occasion we offer for you and your loved one? We’re sure you’ve been wondering where you can find just such an experience, and we’re right here – the only helicopter company in Las Vegas that caters to just what you’ve been looking for.