Aerial Video Production Hollywood

Aerial Video Production Hollywood

[dt_sc_one_third first type =” type1″]When working with Skyline Helicopter Tours, sky’s the limit.  We offer not only great aerial views, but angles and shots very often impossible (or prohibitively expensive) to get before.  Whether you’re an independent filmmaker, or a large production company in need of Hollywood aerial footage for your project, our team has the skills and expertise to help you blow your audience away.  

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Due to the nature of the weather we are extremely flexible when planning shoots. Although most jobs are booked last minute, keep in mind, we do need enough time to do pre-flight checks and ensure the job can be completed safely. What kind of weather conditions can you fly in?
[dt_sc_tab title=”How much do you charge?”]
There are a number of variables that may affect your quote, including the time of year, location of shoot, potential weather, etc. With so many variables, we prefer to quote on an individual basis. Only once we’ve spoken or been fully briefed on your project can we give you an accurate quote.
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2 1/2 hours.

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[dt_sc_three_fourth type =” type1″]We provide aerial video and photography services for small and large-scale projects such as video, commercial, and film production. We use innovative technology and techniques with a team of experienced and dedicated professionals.

Our aerial cinematography services include aerial, handheld, and flylines. We use cutting-edge motion cinema technology to produce unique and cinematic digital content. Because we excel in several film and video services, we’re able to focus on one particular feature of your project or all aspects from pre-production to post-production. When allowing us to handle your project in its entirety, we ensure a cost-effective budget along with unparalleled production synergy.

[dt_sc_tab title=”Can you provide stills?”]
Yes, we offer still images too. The doors on the helicopter are removed before takeoff in order to maximum the view.
[dt_sc_tab title=”Are you registered and insured?”]
Yes. However, If client wants to use their own or rented equipment (e.i. camera equipment that is not property of Skyline Helicopter Tours) they are responsible for covering the insurance. We are not liable for damage to the equipment not owned by Skyline Helicopter Tours.
[dt_sc_tab title=”How high, and how fast can you fly?”]
Depends on weight and balance.

[dt_sc_one_half first type =” type1″][dt_sc_h3]Land Survey[/dt_sc_h3]The fact that more and more people are getting the information they need by turning to online video sources is no secret.  If you’re a real estate professional and you would like to increase your impressions and conversion rate, we suggest you allow us to create a high quality home or business video tour.  This is a great way to will help put your property listing in front of a larger audience all while staying under your marketing budget.[/dt_sc_one_half]
[dt_sc_one_half type =” type1″][dt_sc_h3]Timelapse Video Production[/dt_sc_h3]We also provide construction timelapse Hollywood video production.  Our timelapse video production services highlight the building process from start to finish, making it easy for people interested in the project to stay up to date even though they may live miles away.  If you’re considering adding valuable insight in the form of timelapse video to your next; hotel, dormitory, single-family or commercial project please give us a call.[/dt_sc_one_half] [dt_sc_clear] [dt_sc_clear]

[dt_sc_one_half first type =” type1″][dt_sc_h3]Photography[/dt_sc_h3]Skyline’s unique and diverse photographers produce fresh, imaginative, and stylish works of art for individuals and companies alike.  Our amazing images are captured by experienced pros using a variety of cameras, lenses, and lighting designs to illustrate a visually stunning story.[/dt_sc_one_half]
[dt_sc_one_half type =” type1″][dt_sc_h3]Event Production[/dt_sc_h3]We offer a wide array of upscale live event production services, including corporate, sports, entertainment, festivals, fundraisers, weddings and more.[/dt_sc_one_half]


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Over the past few years, along with technology, opportunities for capturing the view from above have dramatically increased.  We are now able to capture crystal clear pictures/footage from aerial vantage points of real estate, construction projects and property development projects like never before.

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Skyline has an innovative, creative, and experienced team dedicated to aerial video production in Hollywood.  Our team has the on-set knowledge necessary to work effectively alongside teams of any size.  Our experience, top-of-the-line technology and quick set-up time make Skyline Helicopter Tours your obvious solution for any and all Hollywood video production projects.



Collaborate with Skyline Helicopter Tours and let us help you make an impact on your audience. Call (702) 382-8687 to find out how we can transform your Hollywood aerial film production dreams into a reality.

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